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In particular, the two organisations' attempts to take a more comprehensive approach to PFM were to be highlighted. The study is a desk study, based on a review of policy documents. An overview of the Swedish and Norwegian approach for support to PFM reveals a number of similarities between the two donors.

In particular, since the seventies and eighties, their approach has moved away from the concept of "filling holes" based on stand-alone technical assistance to PFM institutions. The conventional methods used in the sector are rooted from an inadequate understanding of learning. The western emphasis on individualism creates an obsession with personal learning styles a notion largely discredited by recent research ; and the desire to demonstrate impact and value leads to a focus on objectives which counters the natural dynamic of human learning. Collective learning has more in common with the discipline of theatre; the best learning I have witnessed in the last 20 years has sprung from a creative, arts-based approach which resists the mania for analysis, and taps into the natural dynamic of learning that humans possess — at least until formal education taught us how not to learn….

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Your e-mail address will not be published. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enduring capacity Often, interventions focus on building skills within a specific group of individuals, and the skills of this group represent the enduring capacity element of a project. At the organisational level, the need might be to strengthen relationships or exchange knowledge between teams, improve structures and processes, enhance management approaches, or even change organizational culture.

At the environmental level we may need to strengthen relationships or knowledge exchange between organisations, either at national international level.

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The document has been written for development practitioners in Southern organisations and planning, monitoring and evaluation professionals with whom they collaborate. In , the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department IOB of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a major learning-oriented evaluation of Dutch support for capacity development in 17 countries in various sectors.

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This resulted in recommendations concerning support to capacity development. The research provides fresh perspectives on the topic of capacity and its development.

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It does so by highlighting endogenous perspectives: how capacity develops from within, rather than focusing on what outsiders do to induce it. The overall objective of our work was to better understand what approaches to the provision of TA personnel have worked best and why, and to identify the implications for international development agencies, partner country representatives and field practitioners.

Key learnings from our work are summarised in the two papers presented below. To see all our work in this area, please visit our web page on technical assistance. Joint evaluation study of provision of technical assistance personnel: What can we learn from promising experiences?

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