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These 'scopes were popular with snipers. Bearing Royal Engineers and other unit stamps.

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Maker-marked and issue numbered. Aside from lacking one leather strap it is in superb condition. Named and dated, certainly worthy of further research. One of the most desirable of British military optical instruments. Optically and in every othe regard this is an excellent example. An uncommon feature is a three-digit serial to the pommel and locket throat. This is an example of the watch chain given to those giving up their gold Alberts. Various items were given in exchange for gold, including iron wedding rings, iron medallions, and iron watch chains.

This is an example of an Iron Time watch chain for men. An excellent strong and supple example. This medal was struck immediately after the battle had been fought and before it had received its official title. This is certainly one of the most quaint of such manuals, containing as is does unintentionally amusing caricature illustrations.

Intended for Home Guard use. An excellent manual. Ordnance, manufacturer and date stamped. The holster is a scarce variant incorporating suspension rings for carriage with a sling. Many of these were sold off between the Wars and converted by the addition of locking hasps. This example has had these additions removed ready for re-painting.

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Unlike many it retains its leather strap, interior fittings including the magazine loading tool retention strap. It is rust and deformation free. Sorry, for sale in the UK only, deactivated in , certificate lacking at present. Unlike many they retain their original graticules which are so often removed. Engraved France and bearing the name Prudham.

Bearing London import marks for and in good working order. A sound faintly dated example. The optics require cleaning, though the pericope still functions. The pin-set movement is over-wound though. A service would render this watch a fine wearable example. In solid silver on an ebonised plinth.

Assayed at Birmingham in There are old repairs to wings where they meet the body. A plaque bears the engraved inscription to F. Frederick Crosby Halahan from F. The tunic is one of the most characterful I have seen, bearing extensive field service repairs including leather sleeve cuff trim.

Bomber Command: Celebrating 60 Years Reaping The Whirlwind: Part 2

In excellent original condition. Its coverage of the service rifle and Lewis Gun is superb. Covering the rifle, Lewis and Hotchkiss machine guns etc. The Field Service Pocket book issued to each serving officer as an essential reference to just about every aspect of the Service. The 's and 's Small Arms Training Manuals are to my mind some of the most interesting and informative of their kind.

This one covers in depth the rifle, bayonet and revolver. It runs to some pages and includes an excellent range of illustrations. Bought from the estate of a veteran. Complete with the loop so often lacking on examples of this pattern. Running to some pages. Essential reading for re-enactors in this field.

Bearing the official Wartime modification to the upper loop allowing carriage of the No4 bayonet. It is khaki Blanco's but in excellent condition. Now becomming extremely scarce in such condition. The standard training manual on the rifle in use at this stage of the War. Aside from a split to the covering of the top spine joint, a very good complete example containing 12 pamphlets. They were manned by marine Royal Artillery who deployed a wide range of armaments against enemy attack including Lewis guns and the fascinating Hollman grenade projector.

These early aluminium-cased sets were rapidly replaced by wooden and steel-cased varieties. The lining is detached. A somewhat poignant dated leaflet in excellent condition. This War emergency pattern, a substitute for P'37 webbing introduced to alleviate a predicted webbing production capacity shortfall, was issued to the Army and Home Guard in limited volumes. Maker-marked and dated.

It was a War-emergency issue, introduced as it was easier to manufacture than P'37 webbing at a time when demands were extremely high. It was issued to Army personnel early in the War, but is perhaps more commonly associated with the Home Guard.

The pagri badge has been un-picked but is original to the helmet. I have previously encountered an Air Ministry marked example. Maker-marked, WD Broad Arrow stamped and dated. It is in an excellent size being designed for wear over Serge Battledress, though seldom actually worn in this way, the wearer would purposely seek a garment labelled a size smaller than he would usually wear. With the addition of a Home Guard arm band this would display extremely well. A large sized example complete with the loop so often lacking on examples of this pattern.

A dated example in used though sound condition. Worthy of further research.

Do read the few paragraphs on the grenade as illustrated. Size 7. Recently acquired and fresh to the market. A good useable example with a subtly tailored collar and only minor moth, mainly as a hole to one elbow and similar to the lower edge of one breast pocket. Aside from a few relatively minor moth nips the cloth nap is superb and the overall appearance is unworn. He has had belt loop added, a nice period feature.

Minor moth, damage to one pocket lining, and some marks as apparent in the photographs. It retains it's original dated label. There are light signs of wear and a few very minor moth nips, otherwise the overall condition is excellent.

Purchased with the size 7 trousers also listed. It shows some moth as can be seen, however it is named and numbered, retains it's label and is in a useful large size. The standard training manual on the Thompson at the time of it's adoption by the British. A scarce manual. One of the more scarce SATs.

The badge lacks one blade. Difficult to fault. Defence Against Airborne Troops, The front belt straps ahve been removed. The case has been over-painted yellow during its working life, though its original anodized finish remains underneath. The back of the case is numbered and dated The 10A suffix identifies RAF Radio Equipment indicating these were used at wireless radio receiving stations for time logging purposes. It has a diameter of approximately 7 inches.

These may have Home Guard associations. In near un-issued state with a few, illustrated, moth holes. The standard training manual on the Bren. Essential for the collector of material related to this classic arm. Examples can be seen being carried by D-Day invasion troops. They bear their original owner's name though they appear mint and unissued.