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For his part, Hurlbut regrets he wasn't able to convince He not to proceed.

Gourmet of Another World

Now the question is whether Chinese authorities will acknowledge the birth of the third child. So why would they keep it secret?

Another World Lies Beyond

The Chinese government owes it to the international community to live up to the accountability they have promised. One thing most people agree on is that the actual identities of the three babies and their parents should never be made public.

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Antonio Regalado. Another genetically edited baby is due, but the world may never learn of its birth if the Chinese government decides to keep it a secret. Haun Saussy is University Professor of comparative literature and of East Asian languages and civilizations at the University of Chicago.

At the Academy, he is working on reconstructing the overlap The Berlin Journal. John P.

Nihad Zecevic: Definitely, China is another planet!

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Another super engineering in China shocks the world

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