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More empathic people are less aggressive. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in , found that gratitude was a major contributor to resilience following the terrorist attacks on September Another study , published in in the Behaviour Research and Therapy, found that among war veterans who fought in Vietman, those who showed higher levels of gratitude experienced lower rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

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OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. Old Cottonians Association of Bishop Cotton School Simla India.

And here are a few reasons to be grateful: 1. And psychological health By being appreciative of others, thankfulness also helps people appreciate themselves. A positive state of mind, in turn, was associated with dozing off faster and sleeping longer. It reduces aggression Not only are grateful people kinder, they are also less aggressive. Latest news videos.

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Most read Most shared. His son who will be singing in the choir. Around journalists from around the world are expected to attend. Khaleej Times reporters and photographers have arrived at the Zayed Sports Stadium, ahead of the Papal mass. In just over 2 hours time, more than , people will bear witness to the historic service, which marks the first visit to the Arabian Peninsula from a Pope. The mood inside the bus, which bears the face of the late Sheikh Zayed, is calm and cheery, however things are expected to pick up once we reach the venue and mingle with the thousands of faithful already there.

Roll call before we head to the mass at Zayed stadium and then on to the airport to board the special Etihad flight to Rome with the Pope. Matteo keeps a close eye on his flock, never missing who is missing from the papal bunch of journos. No one calls me that. After two days, I was getting used to the roll call routine. This could be the last on this trip and I feel both a pang of relief and loss.

I will be set loose to wander from the fold after 'Shepherd One' touches down later in the evening in Rome. Talk of lost sheep. Gates officially open at Ahmad Al Tayeb. We launched the 'Human Fraternity Award' to create a true interfaith dialogue. The two religious symbols were honoured during the award's first edition.

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  • Did you know that the first week of February is observed as Inter-faith Harmony Week? The idea was put forth by King Abdullah of Jordan in , a key figure who has tirelessly promoted peace between civilizations and religions, between the West and the East. Pope Francis has taken this idea forward and has reached out to the Muslim world. Next month, he travels to Morocco. I am at the Founder's Memorial where an inter-religious meeting is to start in 30 minutes. The pope and the Grand Azhar will be the main speakers at the gathering of religious heads.

    Forty years is a long time to cover the pope. Three pontiffs, in fact, but Valentina Alzaraki shows no signs of slowing down. She's been on papal flights and says every journey is different. Valentina says she still feels like a newbie despite being a walking encyclopedia on the papacy. Young journalists rush to her for assistance when in doubt and she has all the patience at his disposal to help them with papal protocol.

    What to wear, how to greet the Pope on these special flights informally known as 'Shepherd One'. John Paul had charisma, Benedict was quiet while Francis is truly a people's pope, she says.

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    But the era matters, she says. The eighties and nineties was a period of great tumult. The Berlin Wall came down and the Iron Curtain had been lifted. Europe had broken the ideological shackles that once bound it.

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    These are exciting times for the papacy, she says. The world is changing, and the Vatican has a progressive vision for harmony, to take people of all faiths together.

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    The UAE is the best place to start for this new order, she says. I feel happy, and energised with so much happening. Who knows, I could be growing younger, she laughs. Upon his arrival at the Presidential Palace, Pope Francis, accompanied by cavalry on Arabian horses, was accorded an official reception. A gun salute was fired in honour of the Pontiff, following which the Papal Anthem and that of the United Arab Emirates were played. The Vatican delegation was introduced to both the leaders.

    The Pope's motorcade has arrived at the Presidential Palace. Did I tell you I managed to get a power bank from a fellow journalist?

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    • Thanks to the power of networking, my phones are getting a boost and so is my confidence. I am walking and writing this blog. A nice breeze is blowing in from the coast. I view this papal journey as more political and cultural in nature. I should, as a journalist, be able to see beyond the spiritual aspect. Photographers get the first shot, of course. Writers, like poor me, wait in line next. Another hour to go. After much persuasion, the Papal press director for the trip granted me access to the official welcome for Pope Francis at the Presidential Palace.

      Bless Matteo, the Papal official. I forget his surname. Sorry, I forgot to ask. My papal accreditation was limited to the Papal flight and the mass on Tuesday, hence this delay. I realise my phone battery is running out of juice. Luckily, I have a spare phone on me, which will see me through work at least until noon. Security will be tight, I am told, and I am wondering what the presidential guards would have to say about the two phones on me. I am worrying too much on this trip. Maybe I should pray. The first Holy Mass by a pope in the Arabian Peninsula promotes peace and understanding between two of the world's great religions.

      He added: The first Holy Mass by a Pope in the Arabian Peninsula promotes peace and understanding between two of the world's great religions. The Pope wants to listen, fellow journalists tell me.

      Chris Lamb of The Tablet says he loves journalists and the media. The Pope believes there is a greater calling in the media.