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Part II deals with solid particles in space. One of the most challenging aspects of the entire subject is the determination of distances. The various methods and their correlations are delineated. A thorough discussion on absorption is given along with the nature and dimensions of the scattering particles.

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The coalescing of atoms to grains is covered along with the role radiation pressure plays in bringing them together into globules. In this section the polarization of stellar light by interstellar matter is given along with the astronomical attempts at theoretical interpretation of the effect. From globules to stars concludes the section. The last section involves diffuse matter outside the Milky Way. The scale of the universe is intimately tied to the presence of absorbing material between the galaxies and, if we are to determine the penetrating power of our instruments, it is essential that we resolve the problem of matter in intergalactic space.

Dufay has performed a magnificent service to astronomy in attempting a discussion in this field.

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While this is a pioneering approach of relatively few pages, its significance is of the highest order. Dufay's book is destined to have tremendous impact on this facet of astronomy.

Dairy Microbiology: A Practical Approach

Ann Arbor, J. Edwards, Publisher, The author states that "The book is primarily an engineering treatment of matrix and tensor methods in Structures, Fluids and Mechanics. One, to emphasize "the essential unity and also points of difference of the various fields of Applied Mechanics. In carrying out these objectives the author introduces the mathematics matrix algebra, vector analysis, complex variable theory and tensor analysis in the first two chapters.

A Practical Approach, 1st Edition

This development is more in t h e way of a brief review of only the gross fundamentals of the topics mentioned. The discussion of tensors is confined to those of zero, first and second orders of relative weight zero in one, two and three space.

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A reader of the book will gain no general knowledge of tensor analysis but will see a number of problems in mechanics investigated using some of the simpler properties of matrix tensors. An introductory chapter to the theory of elasticity precedes one which examines in a general way the bending problem and the torsion problem. Other chapters deal with the theory of plates and shells, viscous flow, boundary layer theory, the theory of plasticity, curvilinear coordinates and dimensional analysis.

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It is felt that the book will serve the author's intended purpose though a teacher using the book as a text might easily supplement the discussion of the mathematical tools manyfold times. A prerequisite for taking such a course should be at least vector analysis. Foster, F.

Eugene Nelson, Marvin L. Speck, Raymond N. Doetsch and Joseph C. O1son, Jr.

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  4. Englewood Cliffs, N. Dairy Microbiology has appeared to fill an increasingly acute need in a field of study where no up-to-date textbook previously existed. Written by five of the country's leading dairy bacteriologists in as many different land grant universities and colleges, it represents a very good cross section of current knowledge and opinion in a rapidly moving field of applied science and technology.

    It is not intended by the authors that the book should be a self contained treatise on dairy microbiology but was designed for students and workers in the field who had Aug.

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    The arrangement of the subject matter is such that it leads from the general to the specific. The early chapters deal with some of the biological characteristics of bacteria, leading into a classification of dairy microorganisms from the standpoint of both taxonomic considerations and physiological characteristics. The book will provide dairy professionals and students alike the latest information on this vast topic. Currently out of stock Delivery Days. Notify Me. Product Details.

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