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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Deadly Lies , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This is the first book in the series that will feature DI Tom Mariner who is stationed in Birmingham. This is actually a reprint which was originally printed in the early 's. There is an anonymous call which Tom has answered and when he goes to investigate he finds Eddie Barham is dead.

As the death is a suicide, Tom really should hand the case over to uniform to deal with. When the post mortem comes back, it's not suicide, it's murder. The book is full of twist and turns. As this book is a re This is the first book in the series that will feature DI Tom Mariner who is stationed in Birmingham.

As this book is a reprint it is a bit dated because of the technology we have at our fingertips now. Overall it's not a bad read and hopefully the start of a good series. I read this book in less than a day. View 2 comments. Mar 15, Gary rated it really liked it. I have read these books out of order but enjoying the series all the same.

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The series is based in Birmingham and many of the places are very familiar to me which adds something extra for me personally. This series is so well written, good plots, believable interesting characters and back stories so well paced. But DI Mariner has other ideas, earlier that evening he had witnessed Barham picking up a woman in a bar and discovers Barham's younger brother, Jamie, hiding in a cupboard under the stairs.

Good start to the series that I will continue to follow.

View 1 comment. This is the first of a series featuring DI Tom Mariner. Mariner is a committed officer of the law Personal issues? Yes, he has them He's not materialistic In many ways he is a simple man, yet very much complicated.

Chapter One

Sitting in a bar one evening, he sees journalist Eddie Barham picking up a 'lady of the evening'. While on his way home, he gets a call To his surprise, the dead man is none other than Barham He finds something else He is a possible witness, but he doesn't seem to be able to communicate at all. His sister, Anna, is located. Disbelieving that her brother committed suicide, she also confesses that she hasn't been in touch with him in ages and really doesn't know much about Jamie, either.

By John Valeri

Mariner believes this death is murder Or something else entirely? And will Jamie be targeted if it is known that he is a witness? The definition of well-written is 'composed in a competent, and often entertaining style'. That certainly describes this book. It's well paced with a few twists along the way. The characters are solid and lead credibility to the story. I enjoyed the mix of professional with personal, making the characters come to life. The nature of autism is handled very well. There are levels of autism and this book deals with the highest level The character of Anna finds herself living an entirely different life than she had been when she becomes responsible for her brother.

Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. I really enjoyed this book!

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It was set at just the right pace, the plot was gritty and gripped me right from the off and I was second guessing myself as the book went on. The characters are great and I thought that they really worked well together. I live in the West Midlands so reading a book set in that area is always a plus for me. I read the book in less than a day and it is a really promising start to what looks to be a great new series! This was previously published as The Worm in the Bud. The writing of the main character, Anna Barham, was a particular strength of the book.

The asbestos industry's deadly lies

The writer was brave enough to write a character who many people would find issue with and yet she did so unapologetically. There is no overused characterization here of a drug or alcohol dependency issue, rather Anna simply has abdicated responsibility in a way that some might find cold-hearted, in the pursuit of career success. I found this well done, maybe because I know people IRL in this situation. I also found it interesting that the author has gone against the current trope of the autistic savant that seems to be prevalent in crime fiction and has instead given us a darker look at autism and the impact on a family.

This is book 1 in the DI Mariner series and has been republished. Some advances have been made since this book was written which should be taken into account.

By sheer coincidence he later sees the same vehicle outside a house with a door that it slightly ajar. The investigative side sends him to have a closer look and there he finds a dead body with all the markings of an overdose by a druggie. This This is book 1 in the DI Mariner series and has been republished.

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This brings him to meet Knox and there begins a strange relationship as Tom offers the constable a port in a storm in the shape of his spare room. As the duo begin investigating the death they become entangled in the lives of Anna and Jamie. Jamie is autistic and was cared for by Eddie the dead bikey. It soon becomes clear that the death was murder rather than suicide and this sets in motion a sequence of events which sees Mariner and Knox frantically searching for clues among the tangled web of lies and deceit.

Tom Mariner is an interesting character and builds in depth gradually through the course of the book to a well defined man with issues to work through. I love his character. Knox is a bit brash and insensitive but he works well against the more refined and compassionate character of Mariner. Anna has her life turned upside down as she becomes the carer for autistic Jamie following the death of her brother. This changes her priorities and by default costs her her relationship and career as she learns how demanding Jamie is. I love how her character develops as she learns to love Jamie and this causes a softening of her personality.

The book starts at a steady pace and picks up speed as the adrenaline starts pumping and we are taken on a rocky ride through a fast paced story full of twists and turns and an ending that will leave the reader in total shock. Awesome book I cant wait for more. Well worth the 5 stars. Mar 16, Emma rated it really liked it. Mariner has a bit of a unhappy history but it is not fully revealed, and naturally his love life is at a stand-still. Knox, on the other hand, has a bit more of a love life than his wife would like. It reminded me of inspector Rebus without the office politics. Mariner is first on the scene of the death of a journalist.

The only possible witness is the dead man's autistic brother Jamie. Their sister Anne is the only other family Jamie truly has. Through her we get to see just how draining it is to look after Jamie. I thought the author did quite a good job here. It was not preachy but certainly made the point that families need help in looking after adults with severe autism. I was a bit confused by some historical information given because the timeline seemed wrong.

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After reading the intro to the second book I figured out that the setting of the story is around so Jamie would have been born in the very early s. And that makes all the difference as far as the timeline. The mystery itself was pretty straightforward. I did manage to guess who the culprit was early on and still managed to enjoy reading the book. I am already looking forward to the next one. What begins as a reluctant business women having her autistic brother dumped on her ends in one of the most intense and mind-blowing endings.

It is like a gentle breeze that simply turns her life into a tornado. What a journey! It makes a brilliant book to read and one impossible to put down. Anna really always resented her younger brother Jamie as the attention that should have been hers with her parents had been given to him. Jamie that needed 24 hour care, Jamie who her father spent all his sp What begins as a reluctant business women having her autistic brother dumped on her ends in one of the most intense and mind-blowing endings. Now this would have made a cracking story in its own right but no, Chris Collett just takes the whole thing and literally throws in murder and the most unexpected turns that will put their lives in danger then tops it off with a little chance of romance.

I was left buzzing.