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More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Atma Publishing, Perfect Paperback. Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Dogs, Cats and Dreams of Spiritual Awakening. Stephen Wingate.

The Erotic Dreams of Emanuel Swedenborg

Publisher: Atma Publishing , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title In the tradition of Advaita and Zen, Stephen Wingate's live dialogues recorded in Dogs, Cats and Dreams of Spiritual Awakening, are vibrant and alive, and cut like a razor to the core of one's being.

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How God May Send Messages to You Through Dogs

Read More. My dream was that I had a a black cat as a baby I took care of till it got a lil older. It rolled around harmlessly letting me pet an hug it. The panther was like my cub. Can you help me understand, what happened? I was sleeping, my cat jumped up at foot of bed and woke me, I looked and it was a big beautiful black panther. At first startled and then calmed. The Panther nestled down at end of my bed and I went back to sleep. I spoke of this to no one for days. I had fallen asleep on couch, I woke up with panther over top of me. At first scared, then calmed, I even touched its silky fur?

Grey Cat Symbolism | What Does it Mean?

What is this? Panther was pacing back and fourth across the entrance of my room. I was dreaming but it felt real. I wasnt afraid but I sense it was protecting me. I could sense dark energy that wanted me but the Panther kept it at bay. As it paced, it let me know telepathically that my unbelief is what the energy was after. I woke right up. My girlfriend had a dream last night of a black panther sniffing me as it jumped through our bedroom window and was sniffing me clammy. In a dream I saw gold eyes walking toward me, then they materialized into black panther coming closer.

Then turning walking away from me, tail high in air and looking only once back, then it vanished.

So I brought her home. And there were lots of people at home and they were fighting. No one would listen to me to relax and let me handle the panther. I then felt out of control and animal control was called on the panther. I had a dream with two panthers who were in my room with the other anomals. It started meowing for food. Tgey were beautiful. One of my dogs layed beside one of the panthers. It was an amaxing feeling becsuse I did not feel scared. The Panther ate it and someone else seen this and was in a panic and scared. I was telling them to let the panther be as it would only harm if harmed.

He used a claw to draw a deep scratch on my leg. I am not sure who he was — in the dream he seemed to be a tour guide of some kind!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We gave him a bath and he became a very special part of our family. He demonstrated love and thankfulness every moment. Sadly he got very sick and died after three months. We miss him so much. He was grateful for every moment he was with us. This was one of those life moments that was so special it hard to describe and he will always be remembered. There is no such thing as just a cat. My Rufus was special. So what does your dream mean- it means you saw the real need and that there was something special there.

Thank you for providing Rufus with a few months of peace and love! Nicholas Dodman is a wonderful book. I have been a rescue foster for many years. I had a cat orange tom actually show up outside my home.

Dogs, Cats and Dreams of Spiritual Awakening

He allowed me to pet him through the door and purred and seemed pretty sweet and happy. I decided not to foster him myself from the incident of him coming after me like that. The main foster volunteer explained my situation after she got a chance to look at him. He had a pretty bad access on one of his paws. He was in pain.

He knew I could help would help and he thought I was leaving so he grabbed my leg the only way he could to get me to stop. Now I understand. Tom got a nice home. Most folks would have just shooed him away. I almost did even with all of my experience with rescue his behavior alarmed me. He taught me to look harder at each situation before making a judgement call.

I have a 3 legged cat in my lap as I type this.

Biblical Meaning of Dog in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

They seem to find me. I was wondering if I could get some input on a dream I just had. As I went to let him out, My dog was sitting on the deck while a large, hissing rat was trying to come up the stairs. The cat would not let me go outside to go towards the it, instead the cat pounced onto it, squishing it into a flat bloody mess. I dream all the time and remember nearly all of my dreams in great detail. However, this one had me perplexed. Thank you!! I feel this dream is asking you to access a deeper intuition about a situation that may have been transpiring in your life at that time.

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The cat however did sense the danger and wanted to protect you while at the same time showing how to deal with a cunning predator… by accessing a deeper intuition. My sense is that whatever the situation or threat it was not able to be dealt with through rational means and required a more instinctual awareness.

Was there someone in or around your life at that time whom you came to suspect may have had ulterior motives or was trying to take something from you in an under- handed way? The cat may also have represented your grandmother who is alerting you to a need to protect something, perhaps inheritance or a family secret?

Cat Totem, Spirit Animal

I would hazard a guess that money may have been involved. Or, alternatively feminine honor. Louie our cat had finished eating and so i let him out. Maybe like 30min later i sat down on the couch and was on my phone when i see him or what looked just like him walk by towards my room. I put my phone down, got up and went in the bedroom to look for him, calling n calling his name but didnt hear or see him anymore. I checked the other room too, the closets, beds, nothing. I had already put him outside remember? Cats are magical i suppose.. Hi Everyone, this morning I found a black and white cat in the spare room of my house.

It came in through the window during the night and made itself at home in my house.