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His research focuses on the interface between International Relations and Historical Sociology , and on processes of radical change, most notably revolutions.

This transformation involved a complex configuration of industrialization, rational state-building, and ideologies of progress. What do we mean by these terms?

The three components of the global transformation were mutually reinforcing. He is currently working on a monograph on the anatomy of revolutions. Images by Pablo. Daniel Drezner is no fool.

England's 'Glorious Revolution' Explained

This is a scholar who produces major publications , who teaches at a major institution , and who contributes to a major International Relations blog. So you have to wonder why he wrote Theories of International Politics and Zombies. Because this is, by any criteria I can come up with, a very foolish book. Every now and again, I come across films, music or books and wonder how, in a world where so many talented people fail to make the grade, it can be possible to create, develop, sanction and, ultimately, sell products that are so banal.

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Often, the answer is simple — money. Perhaps that is the case here too. But I have a feeling that something else is involved in this book as well — Drezner, and plenty of others , seem to think that the connection between zombies and IR theory is uproariously, hilariously, side-splittingly funny.

Conal Condren- Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies

So perhaps I am the curmudgeon here. I lasted about half that long with Theories of International Politics and Zombies. Why is it that so much hoo-hah has been made about this book 10, copies sold within six months of publication? The next few days at LSE will see a number of events celebrating the life, and exploring the ideas, of the late Fred Halliday. The Mid-Atlantic Journal of Inverted Abstraction was an imaginary output for work Halliday deemed excessively introverted or self-regarding.

There is some argument to be had about that attitude to some theory. But not now. Instead, a few other choice Fred-isms:. History repeats itself: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce, the third time as a fad in IR theory. It seems appropriate to point that many of the other Millennium articles currently if temporarily freed from the tyranny of the paywall , to my mind at least, resist such a dismissal. The ghost of Montezuma reminds us that unlimited hospitality is haunted too. The Spanish, totalling around men, were outnumbered a thousand to one; Montezuma could have prevailed and his homeland could have survived, at least for a time, if he had not offered an unconditional welcome.

Search for:. Like this: Like Loading By industrialization we mean both the commercialization of agriculture and the two-stage industrial revolution, which together both shrank the planet and generated an intensely connected system of global capitalism. Wright and F.

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