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These evolutionary arms races create implicit autocurricula whereby competing agents continually create new tasks for each other. A key element of multi-agent autocurriculum is that the emergent behavior learned by the agents evolves organically and is not the result of pre-built incentive mechanisms.

Not surprisingly, multi-agent autocurricula has been one of the most successful techniques when comes to training AI agents in multi-player games. The initial OpenAI experiments were targeted to train a series of reinforcement learning agents in mastering the game of hide and seek. In the target setting, Agents are tasked with competing in a two-team hide-and-seek game in a physics-based environment.

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The hiders are tasked with avoiding line of sight from the seekers, and the seekers are tasked with keeping vision of the hiders. There are objects scattered throughout the environment that the agents can grab and also lock in place. There are also randomly generated immovable rooms and walls that the agents must learn to navigate. The OpenAI environment contains no explicit incentives for agents to interact with objects.

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To confine agent behavior to a reasonable space, agents are penalized if they go too far outside the play area. During the preparation phase, all agents are given zero reward.

To train the hide and see agents, OpenAI researchers leveraged the training infrastructure that was used in other multi-player games like OpenAI Five and Dactyl. This type of infrastructure relies on a policy network in which agents are trained using self-play, which acts as a natural curriculum as agents always play opponents of an appropriate level. Agent policies are composed of two separate networks with different parameters — a policy network which produces an action distribution and a critic network which predicts the discounted future returns. Each object is embedded and then passed through a masked residual self attention block, similar to those used in transformers, where the attention is over objects instead of over time.

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Objects that are not in line-of-sight and in front of the agent are masked out such that the agent has no information of them. Initially, hiders and seekers learn to crudely run away and chase. After approximately 25 million episodes of hide-and-seek, the hiders learn to use the tools at their disposal and intentionally modify their environment. They begin to construct secure shelters in which to hide by moving many boxes together or against walls and locking them in place.

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Similarly, After million total episodes of training, the seekers learn to bring a box to the edge of the play area where the hiders have locked the ramps. In response, the hiders learn to lock all of the boxes in place before building their shelter. The following figure shows some of these emergent behavior.

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The fascinating thing about the emergent behavior developed by the hide and seek agents is that they evolved completely organically as part of the autocurriculum induced by the internal competition. In almost all cases, the performance of the emergent behaviors was superior than those learned by intrinsic motivations. The OpenAI hide and seek experiments were absolutely fascinating and a clear demonstration of the potential of multi-agent competitive environments as a catalyzer for learning.

Many of the OpenAI techniques can be extrapolated it to other AI scenarios in which learning by competition seems like a more viable alternative than supervised training. Sign in. The sound of the woodpecker's pecking causes Flippy to stop counting, and act all scared.

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Just seconds later, Flippy thinks of these sounds as a machine gun being fired, and he starts to act all vicious, as if he's back in a war. Once Flippy "flips" out hence, his name and becomes his alter ego Fliqpy , he throws a Bowie knife through the woodpecker's chest, killing it. Once that's done, Fliqpy runs off to find the others. At Toothy's hiding spot, behind a tree, Toothy giggles while hiding. Unbeknownst to him, Fliqpy , in camouflage to the tree behind Toothy , grabs Toothy's head, and gives it a big twist, which snaps his neck.

Elsewhere, a panting Flaky continues to look for her hiding spot. Suddenly, a piano wire comes down and it snatches Flaky by her neck, which strangles her to death. Petunia , having witnessed Flaky's death begins to back away in fear while whimpering.

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  • Petunia then trips and falls into a Punji stake pit set up by Fliqpy. As Petunia yells in pain by being pierced all over her body, Fliqpy arrives. Seeing Flippy , Petunia struggles to lift her arm, and hopes that " Flippy '"will grab her hand to pull her out. Not understanding her motive, Flippy instead gives Petunia an activated grenade.