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Even though it is one of the 10 most central private islands in Stockholm, the island feels very isolated and secluded once you are on it. In most directions you see nothing but water and trees, yet you always know you are close to civilization.

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You get to the island by rowing about meters. Live scenery with remarkable nature! What a place! Did you ever wish you could just get away and sit alone on a private island and just focus on your best ideas? Well, now you can. Ideas Island has been created as a safe haven for creatives.

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A place made to inspire and motivate people with great ideas to make those ideas happen. To stay is totally free. We do not charge you anything. But we do encourage our guests to give some money to a charity that we support. Normally guests give about USD per week, but if you can not afford that we are fine with less, or even nothing. We want to help create an environment that helps to bring some great ideas to life. And we all know that truly great ideas come when we are in solitude, when we are relaxed, when we are close to nature and when we feel in tune with the universe.

Fredrik Haren is an author and global keynote speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over presentations, lectures and workshops in over 60 countries and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way. Just last year he was invited to speak in 23 different countries. Ideas Island was created as a safe haven for creatives.

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Created to give creative people the time and space needed to sit down and focus on their ideas — while at the same time feeling great. And to let them stay on the island without having to pay us anything. If you get to go, you have the whole island for yourself, so you can be alone with your ideas. Fredrik Haren created Ideas Island because he knows that the best ideas come when we are in alone in a relaxing place, preferably close to water.

He knows, first hand, that a private island is perfect for idea generation, because he lives two months per year on another! General Science Degree is currently under development.

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