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AAMC mailing lists are available for sharing valuable information and resources with our member institutions and constituents. Faculty at all career stages benefit from strategies designed to maintain and increase their productivity and joy in their careers. One of the most important of those strategies is mentoring. Studies of mentoring in the health professions find real benefits for faculty at all career stages. Compared to those without mentors, faculty with mentors demonstrate higher levels of the following success factors:.

Boice's research on new faculty shows important findings in organizing effective faculty mentoring systems 6 :. These findings suggest important elements of establishing formal mentoring systems, especially those that support effective mentoring across faculty of different backgrounds. Of approximately , full time medical faculty in , 52, held the rank of associate professor or higher.

Of these senior faculty, 33, were white men. The literature and demographics make clear that, on average, these groups are less likely to succeed and be satisfied in academic medicine. It seems they encounter additional challenges along the way. It is important to note that the following sections on challenges to effective mentoring relationships are based on generalizations, and individuals within a group may not identify with the ascribed generalizations.

Each person will bring a unique set of circumstances that will shape the mentoring relationship. Mentoring partners with similar backgrounds may easily perceive each other as trustworthy and predictable since they share many commonalities.

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In a cross-gender or cross-cultural mentoring relationship, there could be a lack of comfort due to the uncertainty of the other person's culture, experiences, values, and behaviors. Keep in mind that people have different perceptions of reality, and have been formed by unique experiences. On the other hand, minority partners need to meet a non-minority group mentor halfway in the relationship. The mentoring pair who feel comfortable with one another are able to address with more ease the personal and professional challenges that may arise.

Thomas performed hundreds of case studies during a three-year study of three major corporations. It is the rare instance when two relative strangers can comfortably discuss sensitive topics early in a relationship.

Cross-race and cross-gender relationships can be fragile, and thus participants may be less willing or able to discuss sensitive issues. After some time, there may be sufficient comfort to move forward onto other topics, such as those that address differences in gender, culture, family circumstances, and generation.

Check assumptions at the door and resist viewing each other as part of a category based on gender, race, age, or other characteristics. Each of us is on a unique journey and has unique mentoring needs.

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Interpersonal styles vary across gender and race, in part because women and minorities are allowed a narrower band of acceptable assertive behaviors. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. Schrijf een review. E-mail deze pagina.

Auteur: Jean Boreen Donna Niday.

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Uitgever: Stenhouse Publishers. Co-auteur: Mary K. Johnson Mary K Johnson. Samenvatting Designed for mentors, administrators, and teacher educators, Mentoring Across Boundaries builds on the foundations of the authors' previous book, Mentoring Beginning Teachers, to explore many of the specific issues that impact the mentoring relationship. While there are general mentoring strategies that apply to nearly all programs, the success of any individual mentoring situation is affected by the relationship between mentor and mentee, the school environment, the mentee's stage of career, and other influences.

Among the issues the authors explore are: age, gender, and culture in the mentoring relationship new teachers in urban or rural school environments veteran teachers moving across buildings or into a new school teachers working with at-risk students mentoring burned-out teachers self-mentoring working with struggling teachers mentoring through technology The most recent report from the National Commission on Teacher and America's Future states that The conventional wisdom is that we can't find enough good teachers.


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