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Waibel predicts they will proliferate in number and reach. The abundant 3-D data, according to Mr. In the museum world, augmented reality can mean any technology that gives visitors additional information, from audio tours to websites. But as technology advances, so do the ambitions for augmented reality. With their software, a person would walk into a museum, turn his or her smartphone or tablet toward a photograph, painting or sculpture, and the artwork is surrounded with a digital halo of supplemental information.

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The Cantor center, Ms. Capture the image of a Watkins photo of Yosemite Valley, she said, and you can tap on an icon that shows a map of where Watkins walked in the valley to take his photographs.


Stockmann noted. Capture the image of a mummy in a museum, and the software might show an image of the skeleton beneath. The literature, poetry and music of the time an artist was working, and short commentaries by curators, could be presented as audio clips.

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The goal of such technology, Ms. One futuristic vision, put simply, is of a digital docent. IBM has worked to apply the Watson artificial intelligence technology in many fields , including medicine, where it assists with diagnoses. And her museum mentor concept may not be so wild, after all. In the field of contemporary art, museums have been nudged down the digital path by artists themselves and the work they are producing. The National Portrait Gallery commissioned Mr. On the left of two screens are interviews with the Google founders on YouTube, which Google owns.

DuBois downloaded 19 million profiles from 21 online dating sites.

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He then wrote software to sort them by ZIP code, and determine the words most frequently used in each location. In the resulting maps, the top-ranked words replace city names. DuBois analyzed State of the Union messages over the years for the words most commonly used. DuBois said.

Yet it is striking the degree to which major museums have welcomed digital technology as not only inevitable but also as an ally in bringing culture to a wider public. Not long ago, museums were concerned that opening up collections and putting images online would shift viewing online and hurt museum attendance.

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Barratt of the Met. Within museum walls, Ms.

Barratt explained, would be a label and simple description for a classic painting that speaks for itself and invites sustained observation. The A. Jennings Brown. Filed to: fatberg Filed to: fatberg fatberg sewage london. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. About the author Jennings Brown.

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