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John is purchased from a "wives sale" by the Duke of Kitteridge.

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Lord Kitteridge intends to command and seduce his newly purchased lady away from her too strict English morals Erotic passions battle amidst adventure when Gabriella's husband returns trying to steal her back. Old secrets are revealed and launch the Archangels into a new mission to save Gabriella. Will the lady find the courage to risk it all for the passion of the man that she has always desired?

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Exciting sexual encounters with an adventurous story plot. Yes, indie authors can get editorial reviews, too.

My Lady Gambled

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It's two in the morning and I don't know nobody. Until she finds out the thief has double-crossed her.

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Bad might be tempting, but no young woman who hunts down horse thieves is going to be stupid. This may not be what the writer intended, but because the publisher is based in Australia, I enjoyed the idea of this being set there rather than in the US.

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