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Molecular polarizabilities and magnetizabilities P. Dahle et al. The concept of electronegativity of atoms in molecules J. On hybrid orbitals in momentum space J. Clark, H. Schmider, V. Smith, Jr. Theory as a viable partner for experiment - the quest for trivalent silylium ions in solution C.

Ottosson, E. Kraka, D. Bond energies, enthalpies of formation, and homologies: The energetics of aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons and some of their derivatives S. Slayden, J. Stabilization and destabilization energies of distorted amides A. Greenberg, D. Some chemical and structural factors related to the metastabilities of energetic compounds P. Politzer, J.

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Valence bond theory: A re-examination of concepts and methodology R. Advances in many-body valence-bond theory D. Ab initio valence bond description of diatomic dications H. Basch et al. One-electron and three-electron chemical bonding, and increased-valence structures R. Paldus, X.

Pauling's legacy : modern modelling of the chemical bond - JH Libraries

The spin-coupled description of aromatic, antiaromatic and nonaromatic systems D. Cooper, J.

Gerratt, M. Aromaticity and its chemical manifestations K. Hypercoordinate bonding to main group elements: The spin-coupled point of view D.

Linus Pauling Lecture: Valence and Molecular Structure Part 1

The electronic structure of transition metal compounds G. Frenking, C. Boehme, U. Fundamental features of hydrogen bonds S. Molecular similarity and host-guest interactions P. Chemical bonding in proteins and other macromolecules P.

Linus Pauling Legacy Award medal

Models for understanding and predicting protein structure D. Possible sources of error in the computer simulation of protein structures and interactions J. Garcia de la Vega, J. Parker, S. The nature of Van der Waals bond G. Chalasinski, M. Szczesniak, S. The nature of the chemical bond in metals, alloys, and intermetallic compounds according to Linus Pauling Z. S Herman. Epilogue: Linus Pauling, quintessential chemist D. Theory and experiment in chemistry today provide a wealth of data, but such data have no meaning unless they are correctly interpreted by sound and transparent physical models.

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Heather Tienson. Amino acid molecules consist of hydrophilic segments that are attracted to water, and hydrophobic ones that are repelled by water. Hydrophobic collapse explains how this process occurs. A student expanded that article by 1, words, adding sections on the biological significance of the process, and how these processes occur. They also added three diagrams to help readers visualize some of those processes. Lipid-anchored protein is an example of a really substantial improvement from a student editor.

The Dark Side of Linus Pauling's Legacy

This student expanded the article to share some context on the role and functions of various proteins. From Dr. Thanks to Dr. Linus Pauling for extending the reach of science in new directions, and to these students for doing the same. Licensed under No restrictions via Wikimedia Commons. Your email address will not be published.

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