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The 4d and 5d transition metal oxides are interesting because these materials incorporate both strong spin-orbit coupling and strong correlations, and consequently display distinctive physical properties and the tantalizing possibility of novel topological phases. A paramagnetic band calculation predicts that Pr2Ir2O 7 is a strong candidate for a nodal quadratic band touching state, in which the doubly degenerate conduction and valence bands touch at the zone center, right at the Fermi level.

This nodal state is also independently observed in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. The degeneracy point suggests that Pr2Ir2O7 is very sensitive to perturbations, such as time reversal symmetry or cubic symmetry, giving rise to the possibility of many novel phases. Indeed, we demonstrate using first-principles calculations that uniaxial strain applied along the direction opens a band gap and converts the material to a strong topological insulator.

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Alexandria Digital Research Library. ADRL UCSB electronic theses and dissertations Metal-insulator transition and quantum phases in transition metal oxides Metal-insulator transition and quantum phases in transition metal oxides. Download Metadata. Access: This item is restricted to on-campus access only. Silibin, George S. Svechnikov, Andrei L. Kholkin, Dmitry V.

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1st Edition

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E Muller-Hartmann - Wannier functions for hybridizing states of transition metal oxide chains

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Tunable integrated photonic devices based on Transition-metal-oxides

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Physicists advance understanding of transition metal oxides used in electronics

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