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I stumbled over this game on Steam a few weeks back; the interesting name caught my curiosity, and the rad pixel art style evident from the Steam page caught my attention, to paraphrase Leonardo DiCaprio. But its short length and spoiler-sensitive nature precluded the full Indie Wonderland. Or booze-y day, as the case turned out to be. You, the player — a nameless, faceless, genderless entity — are visiting a friend at work. They ask you to watch the machine for a bit, and caution you not to touch anything. Yes yo do. Nobody likes a liar. But on the other hand, your friend very specifically asked you not to do that.

The Weird World of Particles

Maybe your fiddling with the expensive machine ruins some process, or sets off some chain reaction somewhere! Maybe your friend will get fired, or sued, or sued over being fired! Maybe your uncontrollable fiddling is the trigger for tragedy, ruination, and the destruction of everything around you! Resisting that burning human drive to face the unknown head-on with nothing but a smile, you have no choice but to not touch anything. It was hard for me.

But you draw inspiration where you can. For me, the power I needed came from famous actor Mr. I pity those fools! Anything to help you resist the urge to touch something. They knew you well enough after all, I guess! So press the top left button, top right, top right and top left button for the UFO ending. Pull the lever to the left and enter the code 8 3 6 7 into the Ten-Digit Panel This code is from the top half of the formula on the Instruction Poster.

Now we need to figure out the missing numbers in the third item on the Instruction Poster. The first is 1 so there is one 1, or The second is 11 so there are two ones, or To continue you have one 1, one 2 and two 1s, which is Do you remember the recommendation to wear headphones while playing this game? There are notes within the background music that sound exactly like the three keys you have hear.

Ticks all the boxes except maybe a... - Harvest

Listen for them and repeat them in your little keyboard. Press the Red Button another 6 times to reveal the Screwdriver. Grab the Screwdriver and use it on the little wires just under the monitor. This will reveal a Digital Display to the right of the Restart Switch. The next number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers. It begins with 0 and 1. Pull the Lever to the left to reveal the Ten-Digit Panel and then type in the Fibonacci Sequence, 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 1 3 for the ending. Turn the arrows on the Instruction Poster around so they are the right way up in your mind or on some paper.

This opens up a Counter Panel to the right and a strange D4 Box top right. The Counter Panel has 2 7 6 written on it so press the Grey Button until the counter shows 2 7 6. Then press the Red Button on the Counter Panel for the ending. You can keep clicking Restart until you get it. A plane will fly over the city. Press the Red Button to drop a bomb. With each fly over you get 4 bombs to drop and then 3 bombs and then back to 4 bombs and so on.

You must completely wipe out the city before landing. When you land take notice of the completion screen.

Please Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide | Modern Jamming

Certain letters are flashing, Y, R, B, B. Press the Red Button 15 times until a hammer appears. Use the Hammer on the central Red Button to smash it. Keep smashing it until an Alien appears. Hit the alien and little pods will spawn. Hit each of the pods three times then go for the central alien. You need to complete this mini game before the blood runs down to the Restart Switch. At the end a screen will show with four symbols in the corners.

They are they Eye, Key, Hourglass and Waves. The game will shut down. Just load it up again to continue. Press the Red Button 8 times until the Screwdriver appears. Use the Screwdriver on the Instruction Poster to reveal a weird clock. When each of the hands reaches 12 the green light turns on.

At midnight all hands will be pointing to 12 and all three lights will turn on. When this happens a Ticket will come out. The Ticket will reveal the code to put into the Three-Button Panel. To figure it out count up how many dark squares are in each row and type this in starting from the bottom to the top. Your code will be different unless you get the same ticket. Click the Counter up to 6 6 6 to reveal Pictographs. Click on all of the pictographs until only the four ones you have seen in previous endings are lit up.

That is the Hourglass, the Key, the Eye and the Waves. Another tricky ending! Pull the Lever to the left to reveal the Digit Panel. Type in 8 3 6 7 to open up the Green Button Panel. Do you remember the notes behind the Instruction Poster? They had D7, D1 and B4 on them. One is missing and that is F4.


Press the Green Buttons, assuming A to F is from left to right and 1 to 7 is from top to bottom. Once the five buttons have been pressed a D4 box will open, revealing a Diamond. Use the Screwdriver on the screws to the top right to open up the Multi-Colored Buttons. Do you remember the letters that were flashing at the end of Ending 15? Y for yellow, R for red, B for blue and B for blue.

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  • Press the colored buttons in order to reveal a strange panel beneath it. Reading from left to right they make the numbers 4 0 2 0. Press these numbers, 4 0 2 0 into the Digit Panel to open the strange panel completely. Place the Diamond in the right section of the strange panel and click the button on the left for the ending. Press the Red Button and then any other new Red Buttons that appear. You got the job, S. By now when you flick the Restart Switch a little booklet should be showing in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    This is a passport.

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    • You can either accept or deny entry. Click on the Red Button marked X to deny entry. Press the Red Button once and a faint grey arrow will show to the right of it. Click the area next to the grey arrow to reveal a little Red Arrow. Follow the path of the Red Arrow to reveal another one. Keep clicking and revealing the arrows until a Green Panel is revealed. When the Green Panel has been revealed you need to click on the buttons until the entire panel is yellow. Each time you click on a button, it and the surrounding buttons turn on or off.

      Start in one of the corners and keep going until all buttons are lit up. There are two sections to this ending.